Alejandro Hernández Azorín

I am a professional with extensive experience in the fields of graphic design and illustration. I have worked with some of the main advertising agencies and publishing houses, as well as with public institutions, design studios, real estate companies and many private customers.

In the design field, I am able to carry out corporate identity projects, graphic work for printing (leaflets, posters, POS displays), merchandising presentations (with 3D modelling) and brand integration in shopping and leisure centres.In multimedia,

I work on the creation of websites, 3D animation and interactive mapping.As an illustrator, I use a variety of styles and techniques and in various fields: advertising (storyboard, sketches, final illustration, 3D models), publishing (comics, book illustration, press and journals), real estate (drawings, illustrated maps, information architecture and decoration) and websites (infographics).

In some multimedia and illustrated map projects, I form a team with designer and illustrator Enrique Martínez Guerrero.

The following are some of the customers and brands for which I have worked:Publicis, Lintas, Tapsa, Tiempo BBDO, Lorente Euro RSCG, Casadevall Pedreño, J Walter Thompson, Bassat Ogilvy & Mathers, Contrapunto, Reverso, E&S Fotografía, Romero Artero & Asociados, JM Mora & Asociados, Ideas Marketing, Toyo Publicidad, Simbiosis, Saatchi & Saatchi, Punto Centro, DeRepente Madrid, El Mundo, Jesús Plaza, architect, REM (Real Estate Magazine), Inmobiliaria Promora, Grupo Tritón, Anavi Traducción-Interpretación, Kimberly & Clark, Asociación de Belenistas de Hoyo de Manzanares, Laboratorios Inibsa, Fundación Gaspar Casal, Fundación Wellington, Intord, Fundación La Caixa.

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Aquarius, Nestea, Nordic Mist, Powerade, V&T, Mahou, Oficina de Turismo de la Comunidad de Madrid, NH Hoteles, Acuvue, Nutricia, Mitomicyn, Coaptite, Oncosal, Ono, Holiday Gym, Euro Master, Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Volvo, Rover, Seat, Alfa Romeo, Shell, Repsol, Winston, Camel, JPS, Caffe Latte, Hero, CC El Palmeral, Aseguradora Pelayo, Ges-BM, Telefunken, Navidul, Alcatel.